Thursday, 19 December 2013

I love you & merry christmas!

 Hello my loves I'm so sorry I haven't visited you all the last few days I've been ill but once I'm better I will be making my way to all your blogs, I just wanted to pop by and wish you all a very merry christmas!!! I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the celebrations :)

I was so behind with my christmas cards I ended up being very early and making a valentine card.... Yep that's how my head works ha ha.

If you are ill I hope you get better soon and manage to feel better for christmas and I will also be thinking of people that are alone at christmas, it's so sad.

I just want to also thank you all for leaving such lovely comments and following me it really makes me happy and motivated so thank you & have a very merry christmas and I will visit you all soon :)

Merry christmas!!!!!!!!

Vic xx


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment, sadly I can't take credit for the colouring as it was a topper but it's one of my resolutions to work on it next year! Your cards are absolutely stunning, so creative and original! Have a very Happy Christmas.

  2. Gorgeous owls, Vicki! Love this card. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas Vicki. Love your state of panic! That's the sort of thing I do!! Great card.

  4. Perfect Valentines card Vicki....I like the way you think...sounds like me! Love the sentiment and the stitched heart. Hope you enjoyed a Very Merry Christmas.......Happy 2014 :)


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